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Marrowbone 2017

The Secret of Marrowbone | El Secreto de Marrowbone

The Secret of Marrowbone-El Secreto de Marrowbone

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No One Will Ever Separate Us.

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About the Marrowbone 💬

  • The Haunted House

Four siblings move to America with their mother to escape a troubled past. When she dies, they vow to stay together, no matter what. But when a ghostly presence torments what's left of their family and a lawyer threatens their pact, the four must stand together or be torn apart forever in this chilling thriller.


For me, MARROWBONE is a thriller that combines many elements, thriller, horror, love story and fantasy. I am very interested in that mixture of genres that invites the viewer to participate in the game, to actively participate and compose a puzzle. My intention was to make a classic movie of suspense, to shoot so that it seemed like a movie from another time, away from the patterns of the current genre cinema. But for this not seem like an exercise of nostalgia, I tried to narrate it for it to have a complex and original structure. I often use the simile of a Russian doll to define the structure of the film. This is not a classic story in three acts. The framework is more complex. Each time a new mystery is revealed it is as if we open one of these matrioshkas, the film changes and reveals a new identity. What begins as a story becomes a family drama, then to become a ghost story, then a psychological thriller... and so on until finally to the last of those dolls that encircles the heart of the story that which surrounds the emotion of this fable.

Throughout the process, I was very aware so that the film could have more than one reading. I think that if you face the movie without knowing anything, you can follow the mystery plot and enjoy every turn. But once you know all the secrets, you can watch the movie again and understand it in another way. The most poetic, or fabled, side of history takes on a new meaning once you understand everything that is happening and you can see it again, taking a different journey with its characters. In order to achieve this, I have attempted to top the story with small details that can go unnoticed in a first viewing and that take on a new meaning in later viewings.

Sergio G. Sánchez

Marrowbone Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sergio G. Sánchez

Writing Credits

Sergio G. Sánchez


George MacKay

Anya Taylor-Joy

Charlie Heaton

Mia Goth

Matthew Stagg

Tom Fisher

Nicola Harrison

Kyle Soller

Music by

Fernando Velázquez

Cinematography by

Xavi Giménez

Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Spain

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