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Lowlife 2017



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About the Lowlife 💬

What happens when you throw together a fallen Mexican wrestler with serious rage issues, a just-out-of-prison ex-con with a regrettable face tattoo, and a recovering junkie motel owner in search of a kidney?

Set amidst the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles, LOWLIFE zigzags back and forth in time as it charts how fate - and a ruthless crime boss - connects three down-and-out reprobates mixed up in an organ harvesting scheme that goes from bad to worse to off-the-rails insane.

When a simple organ harvesting caper goes awry, a twist of fate unites three of society's forgotten and ignored: El Monstruo (Ricardo Adam Zarate), a disgraced Mexican wrestler working as hired muscle for a local crime boss. Crystal (Nicki Micheaux), a recovering addict desperate enough to arrange a black market kidney transplant to save her husband's life. And Randy (Jon Oswald), a loveable two-strike convict fresh out of prison, cursed with a full-face swastika tattoo and a best friend guilting him into some hair-brained kidnapping scheme.

As the sordid lives of these small-time criminals collide, they must fight tooth and nail to save a pregnant woman from a certain, and surely gruesome, death.


LOWLIFE is an unflinching look at modern America seen through the eyes of its forgotten underbelly class.

And while the audience is faced with the harsh realities of these lives, there's a light in the darkness. Our heroes band together despite their differences and fight back against impossible odds. They refuse to stay trapped in their increasingly tragic predicaments.

Fear breeds desperation, but the people of LOWLIFE decide to fight this poison tooth and nail. Hopefully, the audience's eyes will be opened just that much wider to the possibility of doing the same.

Ryan Prows

Lowlife Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Ryan Prows

Writing Credits

Ryan Prows

Jake Gibson

Maxwell Michael Towson

Shaye Ogbonna

Tim Cairo


Nicki Micheaux

Ricardo Adam Zarate

Jon Oswald

Shaye Ogbonna

Santana Dempsey

Mark Burnham

Jose Rosete

Jearnest Corchado

Clayton Cardenas

Olivia Benavides

Kelli Jordan

Anna Pulido

King Orba

Music by

Pepijn Caudron

Cinematography by

Benjamin Kitchens

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Country: United States

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