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Kuso 2017



As film industry reviewers, we say Kuso is one of our non-favorite movies. Please VOTE!

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Events unfold after a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles.

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About the Kuso 💬

  • We Survived!

Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, KUSO is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles' worst quake nightmare. Travel between screens and between aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived.

Kuso Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Flying Lotus

Writing Credits

Flying Lotus

David Firth


Iesha Rochelle

Oumi Zumi

David Firth

George Clinton

Hannibal Buress

Zack Fox

Shane Carpenter

Mali Matsuda

Pretty Ricki Fontaine

Tim Heidecker

Anders Holm

Regan Farquhar

Music by

Akira Yamaoka

Aphex Twin

Flying Lotus

Cinematography by

Ben Goodman

Danny Hiele

Norm Li

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Country: United States

Kuso Official Trailer

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