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U.S. Marshals 1998

U.S. Marshals

U.S. Marshals

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The cop who won't stop is back. But this time he's chasing down a lot more than a fugitive.

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About the U.S. Marshals 💬

The United States Marshals Service (USMS) is a federal law enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Justice. It is the oldest American federal law enforcement agency and was created by the Judiciary Act of 1789 during the presidency of George Washington as the Office of the United States Marshal.

  • No one has seen anything like it... except for one man.

Ladies and gentlemen, be alert. We are going to initiate a hard-target search for a fugitive in an ever-widening perimeter. We will wade through swamps, prowl Manhattan streets, search every house and doghouse. We'll eat on the run, sleep tomorrow, watch our backs.

And since Marshal Samul Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) leads the hunt, we will experience suspense, action and daring twists every breathless step of the way.

The suspect: armed, extremely dangerous, perhaps linked to a spy ring.

The chase: highlighted by an out-of-control 727, a deathmatch in a ship's cargo hold, a 12-story plunge onto a moving train and more heart-pounding sequences.

U.S. Marshalls Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Stuart Baird

Writing Credits

John Pogue (Written by)

Roy Huggins (Characters)


Tommy Lee Jones

Wesley Snipes

Robert Downey Jr.

Kate Nelligan

Vaitiare Hirshon

Irène Jacob

Joe Pantoliano

Daniel Roebuck

Tom Wood

LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Patrick Malahide

Rick Snyder

James Sie

Michael Paul Chan

Music by

Jerry Goldsmith

Cinematography by

Andrzej Bartkowiak

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Country: United States

U.S. Marshals Official Trailer

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