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Generational Sins 2017

Generational Sins

Generational Sins

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Two estranged brothers set out on a road trip to the home one doesn't know and one wants to forget.

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About the Generational Sins 💬

Two estranged brothers are brought together by the death of their mother, whose dying wish it to see them return to their birthplace and reunite with their abusive, alcoholic father. The brothers set out on an emotional journey that leads them to their hometown, suffocating with the darkness of memories the younger brother can't remember as the older wants nothing more than to forget...

As each reconnects to the town and its people, the brothers struggle to find the meaning of ''home'' - both for those who stay, and those who leave. Together they must confront their father - the memory and the man himself, and are ultimately forced to choose between a bitter existence or a life forgiveness.

''GENERATIONAL SINS'' explores themes of home, grace, and forgiveness, diving into the nature of how these concepts, experiences and ideals impact the very decisions we make, and thereupon, the ramifications they impose on the lives of ourselves as well as others.

  • Director's Statement

''GENERATIONAL SINS'' a powerful and emotional drama about family history and the inevitable task of facing your past. This is not an easy topic for most people to discuss. Our closets are full of skeletons that have been there for decades... maybe even centuries. There has to be some impetus for change in the bloodline to create a shift from darkness to light. This film aims to illuminate this difficult process in a very real, gritty, winsome, and original way. In crafting and refining the story, I initially wanted this film to have heart and to speak objective truth.

Unfortunately, most films that characterize themselves this way do not portray a true to life setting. Our film speaks the truth, in an excellently made product, in a real-world scenario, with realistic characters and plot lines. This film is one of a kind, and we would love for you to experience this journey.

Spencer T. Folmar

Generational Sins Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Spencer T. Folmar

Writing Credits

Spencer T. Folmar

Dax Spanogle


Daniel MacPherson

Dax Spanogle

Barrett Donner

Kristen Jezek

Bill Farmer

Leesa Folmar

Nicholas Coble

Tom Folmar

Mark McDowell

Music by

Mike Newport

Cinematography by

Ryan Bodie

Genre: Drama

Country: United States

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