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Filthy 2017

Filthy | Spina


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The story about sensitive seventeen-year-old Lena Hrabovská whose enchanted teenage world is shattered by a horrific event.

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About the Filthy 💬

FILTHY is the story about growing up, friendship and trauma, that shifts everything and everybody out of control.

  • Some things can't be washed away.

Lena Hrabovská (Dominika Zeleníková) is a 17-year old from a normal family, experiencing her first love, secret night-time adventures, and magical mornings along the Danube.

Her dream world is shattered after being raped by her math teacher. Lena must set out on a journey that is not simply about coming of age, but a struggle with herself. Others misunderstand her, and will never quite get her. It is Lena who must grow up and realize that she is not the one who deserves punishment.

Filthy Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Tereza Nvotová

Writing Credits

Barbora Namerova (Writer & Story)

Tereza Nvotová (Story)


Dominika Zeleníková

Anna Jakab Rakovska

Róbert Jakab

Anna Sisková

Lubos Vesel

Patrik Holubar

Juliana Olhová

Ela Lehotská

Monika Potokárová

Music by

Ink Midget

Jonatan Pastircak

Cinematography by

Marek Dvorák

Genre: Drama

Countries: Czech Republic, Slovakia

Filthy Official Trailer

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