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Executor 2017



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Bless me father, for I have killed.

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About the Executor 💬

  • God saves those who save themselves.

Kyle (Markiss McFadden), one of the many orphans raised by Father Antonio (Paul Sorvino) is an assassin who is sent on missions; from God. For years, Father Antonio led the boys to believe they were killed in the name of God, and Kyle was elite among them. After placing a bomb in a coffee shop intended to execute the owner, a young boy, Matthew (Aiden Betesh) and his mother walk in seconds before the explosion. A crisis of conscience drives Kyle to save them but only the boy survives. A reluctant Kyle takes Matthew in and conceals him for seven days. As their complex relationship develops Kyle discovers a side of himself that he didn't know existed. The fights, bullets flying, and explosions make it even harder to keep Matthew safe. But with the help of Kyle's beautiful neighbor, Tara (Mischa Barton) it just might be possible.

Executor Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Moziko Wind

Writing Credits

Michael Marcelin


Paul Sorvino

Mischa Barton

Markiss McFadden

Robert Miano

Aidan Betesh

Eric Roberts

Music by

Ariel Mann

Edward Wohl

Cinematography by

Moziko Wind

Genres: Action, Drama

Country: United States

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