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Errementari - The Devil and the Blacksmith 2017

Errementari | The Devil and the Blacksmith | Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil | Errementari: El Herrero y el Diablo

Errementari-The Devil and the Blacksmith-Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil-Errementari: El Herrero y el Diablo

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About the Errementari 💬

It has been eight years since the first Carlist War of 1833. In a small village in Alava, a government commissioner named Alfredo investigates an event that leads to a sinister blacksmith in the depths of the forest, where a dangerous and lonely blacksmith lives Patxi.

Villagers in the area tell dark stories about him related to robberies, murders and demonic pacts. Until accidentally an orphan girl called Usue gets to sneak into the mysterious smithy, uncovering the terrible truth behind Patxi the Blacksmith.


ERREMENTARI is inspired by a popular Basque tale about a blacksmith so cruel and smart who can deceive the devil himself. Registed in 1903, the tale belongs to a compendium of European fables about devils who fail to capture human souls and are punished by humans.


ERREMENTARI takes place in the 19th century, at the end of the 1st Carlist War. A time of change, war and conflict between Reason and Tradition that fueled the popular imagination of the Basque Country.


ERREMENTARI is a fantastic and gothic horror tale full of mystery, adventure, excitement... and strange creatures. With a careful production design that recreates and reinterprets popular folklore with the aim of surprising.


The dialogues of ERREMENTARI are recited in Basque, maybe the most ancient language in Europe. Besides that, several linguists have worked to bring back the way of speaking in the Basque Country in the XIX century. A way to respect and recover the tradition and to and give to the film a unique sonority.


ERREMENTARI is a film in Basque language, inspired by a popular traditional Basque folk tale titled ''Patxi Errementaria'' In turn, it belongs to a compendium of European stories and fables that narrate the trials and tribulations suffered by one poor demon or another in their disastrous attempts to capture human souls. It was my favorite tale when I was a child. And it's deeply rooted in my cultural heritage.

It is a story of dark fantasy, humor and sentiments of grudge and forgiveness. With a esthetic that is both sinister and magical: shadowy figures etched against a backdrop of fire.

It's a place where natural settings acquire a darker taint: the imposing blacksmith's workshop crammed full of twisted iron, the deep mist-filled forests of our land and the Dantesque gates of hell.

Errementari Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Paul Urkijo Alijo

Writing Credits

Paul Urkijo Alijo and Asier Guerricaechebarría (Screenplay)

Paul Urkijo Alijo (Story)


Kandido Uranga

Uma Bracaglia

Eneko Sagardoy

Ramón Agirre

Josean Bengoetxea

Iñigo de la Iglesia

Zigor Bilbao

Jon Ander Alonso

José Ramón Argoitia

Itziar Ituño

Maite Bastos

Lisa Costanza

Gotzon Sanchez

Aitor Urcelai

Unax Gonzalez

Gorka Aguinagalde

Almudena Cid

Ortzi Acosta

Elias García

Ander Pardo

Naia Garcia

Haizea Garcia

Music by

Pascal Gaigne

Cinematography by

Gorka Gómez Andreu

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Countries: Spain, France

Errementari Official Trailer

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