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The Riot Club 2014

The Riot Club

The Riot Club

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At the world's oldest university, there's a club where rich kids first taste power.

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About The Riot Club 💬

  • Inspired by a true story.

Based on Laura Wade's hit play, THE RIOT CLUB tells the story of an exclusive Oxford University undergraduate dining society.

  • Filthy. Rich. Spoilt. Rotten.

Rich and powerful. Spoilt and rotten.

A band of overprivileged rich boys runs wild in this savagely funny satire of money, sex, and power.

  • 20,000 people at one of the world's top universities. But only 10 are in The Riot Club.

In the elite realm of Oxford University, no society is more exclusive than The Riot Club, the ultra-selective fraternity for Britain's most privileged sons.

  • If you have to ask how to join, you're probably not the right kind of chap.

As term begins the Club finds itself two members short, so President James (Freddie Fox) urges his fellow Club Members to find some suitable candidates to join their set.

  • Ready to join the club?

Meanwhile, Miles (Max Irons) joins Oxford, keen to throw himself into University life. He finds himself drawn to Lauren (Holliday Grainger), an attractive and spirited working-class student who he finds a refreshing change from the girls he's used to dating. Lauren is soon vying for Miles' attention with Hugo (Sam Reid), an older student and member of the Riot Club who sees Miles as potential Club material.

  • The Riot Club attracts the worst and corrupts the best.

The Club finds its ninth member in Alistair Ryle (Sam Claflin), chosen largely on the basis that he's the younger brother of an ex-Rioter. Miles is seduced by Hugo's offer to join and after passing an initiation test with flying colors he becomes the Club's tenth and final member.

  • What happens when a powerful club abuses its influence? Wonder how much damage ten powerful individuals can do?

The Riot Club gathers at a village pub for a night that promises a ten-bird roast, unlimited alcohol and, above all, unbridled debauchery.

  • One club, ten individuals, endless damage.

Alistair and Miles find themselves pitched against one another as they battle to win the approval of the Club. As the drink flows and tempers flare, the evening spirals into drunken mayhem. After the disturbing events of the dinner, the boys are forced to face up to their actions, as they deal with the repercussions of their reckless behavior.

  • Power corrupts even the best of us. Could you resist The Riot Club?

Threatened with being thrown out of the University, the Riot Club must decide who takes the fall.

Lone Scherfig describes her characters as ''a bunch of tamed and elegant tigers with very short fuses'' and adds that she has no judgment over them.

Riot Club Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Lone Scherfig

Writing Credits

Laura Wade


Harry Lloyd

Sam Claflin

Max Irons

Douglas Booth

Sam Reid

Freddie Fox

Ben Schnetzer

Jack Farthing

Matthew Beard

Josh O'Connor

Olly Alexander

Tom Hollander

Holliday Grainger

Rachel Redford

Natalie Dormer

Jessica Brown Findlay

Teresa Churcher

Amanda Fairbank-Hynes

Music by

Kasper Winding

Cinematography by

Sebastian Blenkov

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

The Riot Club Official Trailer

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