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The Accused 1988

The Accused | Les accusés | Appel à la justice

The Accused-Les accuses-Appel a la justice

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The first scream was for help. The second is for justice.

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About The Accused 💬

  • The case that challenged the system and shocked a nation.

What are the limits of justice? Of social responsibility? A powerful and groundbreaking film upon its release, and still relevant today, 'THE ACCUSED' explores the limits of justice and social responsibility.

  • A Lawyer And a Victim.

It happened in a bar. Nobody stopped it. The victim cried for justice. Nobody heard. Except for one lawyer. Together, they confronted the system and shocked the nation.

THE ACCUSED takes a powerful and thought-provoking look at human nature and individual moral conscience, and a judicial process that treats the victim like a criminal.

  • On April 18th, 1987, Sarah Tobias stops for a drink at a bar called The Mill.

Jodie Foster gives a powerful performance as the hard-living, fiercely independent Sarah Tobias, who is gang-raped in the back of a neighborhood bar. But that is only the beginning of her ordeal.

  • Being a victim was her only crime.

Now she finds herself battling the legal system, not once but twice, as she and her attorney Kathryn Murphy (Kelly McGillis) go after both her attackers and the onlookers whose cheering fueled and encouraged the assault.

The Accused Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Jonathan Kaplan

Writing Credits

Tom Topor


Jodie Foster

Kelly McGillis

Bernie Coulson

Woody Brown

Steve Antin

Kim Kondrashoff

Leo Rossi

Andrew Kavadas

Tom McBeath

Carmen Argenziano

Ann Hearn

Tom O'Brien

Peter Van Norden

Terry David Mulligan

Scott Paulin

Stephen E. Miller

Tom Heaton

Rose Weaver

Linda Darlow

Music by

Brad Fiedel

Cinematography by

Ralf Detlef Bode

Categories: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Winner, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Winner, EEBAFTAs, BAFTA Award Nominee

Genres: Crime, Drama

Countries: Canada, United States

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