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Angels Wear White 2017

Angels Wear White | Jia Nian Hua

Angels Wear White-Jia Nian Hua

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ANGELS WEAR WHITE looks into the lives of the primary school girls, the young workers, and the mothers.

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About the Angels Wear White 💬

The second feature by writer-director Vivian Qu is a drama about young women seeking justice in a society that is culturally and legally engineered to deny it to them.

In a small seaside town in China, two schoolgirls are assaulted by a middle-aged man in a motel.

Mia (Vicky Chen), a teenager who was working on reception that night, is the only witness. For fear of losing her job, she says nothing.

Meanwhile, 12-year-old Wen (Meijun Zhou), one of the victims, finds that her troubles have only just begun.

Trapped in a world that offers them no safety, Mia and Wen will have to find their own way out.


This is a story about women.
About the society that shapes our perceptions and values.
About the choices that are allowed us and the courage to make different ones.
About the interchangeable roles of the victim and the bystander.
About truth and justice.
And above all, about love.


Once during a scouting trip, I saw a young girl, 8 or 9 years old, playing alone on a long flight of steps against a hilltop. It was approaching dusk and the area was deserted. The girl was happy to see us and volunteered to be our model as we shot videos of the area. She told me that her parents, migrant workers from a faraway province, were still at work; that her home was in a basement at the bottom of the hill; that she had no friends. She didn't want to see us leave, and asked if we'd be back the next day. Are young girls fine? I often wonder.

Aside from the young protagonists Wen and Mia, there are other female characters in my film: Lily, the lawyer, and Wen's mother. Inside each one of them is a woman defined by society, and a woman who tries to break free. ''What kind of a woman will I become?'' is a question that every girl would ask. It is often the other women in their lives who help answer. When I started writing the script, a photo in the news caught my eyes: a giant statue in a white dress was being dismantled, and next to it, a young woman was holding up a sign that read: ''Don't go, Marilyn!'' It was happening in a small town in southwest China where the statue was had been built for commercial purposes but was torn down because the skirt was flying too high. It seems, half a century later, Marilyn's struggles have not ended.

In the southern coastal town where I wanted to set my story, I noticed that every day the sandy beaches were crowded with dozens of newlyweds, posing extravagantly for their wedding photos. It is a popular local business. The brides - wearing rented, often dirty wedding gowns - looked happy. They were sure that the stains on their dresses could be easily removed digitally, and that they would have a perfectly white dress in the photo, which they could keep forever. We have associated the color white with purity since ancient times. In today's society where anything can be commoditized, we have yet to reexamine the meaning of purity. ANGELS WEAR WHITE is, therefore, a hypothesis, a question with past, present, and future tenses.

Vivian Qu

Angels Wear White Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Vivian Qu

Writing Credits

Vivian Qu


Vicky Chen

Meijun Zhou

Ke Shi

Le Geng

Weiwei Liu

Jing Peng

Yuexin Wang

Mengnan Li

Music by

Zi Wen

Cinematography by

Benoît Dervaux

Genre: Drama

Country: China

Angels Wear White Official Trailer

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