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Three Quarter Moon 2011

Three Quarter Moon | Dreiviertelmond

Three Quarter Moon-Dreiviertelmond

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About the Three Quarter Moon 💬

The world of grumpy taxi-driver Hartmut Mackowiak (Elmar Wepper) comes crashing down on the news that his wife is leaving him after 30 years of marriage. Suddenly, he has to organize his life anew - which allows him to become even more of a loner. That is, until the day he has the six-year-old Hayat (Mercan Türkoğlu) and her mother as a fare in his taxi. Shortly after, the little girl appears, evidently alone and not able to speak a word of German, looking for help to find her mother who had left her with her grandmother.

Slowly Hayat changes his outlook on life.

Although Hartmut initially doesn't want to have anything to do with her, he gradually succumbs to Hayat's stubborn devotion and decides to help her find her mother. Little does he know that it may also be a case in fact of the little girl helping him to learn to cherish life again...

Three Quarter Moon Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Christian Zübert

Writing Credits

Christian Zübert (Screenplay)

Christian Zübert and İpek Zübert (Story)


Elmar Wepper

Mercan Türkoğlu

Ivan Anderson

Katja Rupé

Marie Leuenberger

Özay Fecht

Bernd Regenauer

Stefan Kügel

Music by

Annette Focks

Cinematography by

Jana Marsik

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country: Germany

Three Quarter Moon Official Trailer

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