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Brigsby Bear 2017

Brigsby Bear

Brigsby Bear

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About the Brigsby Bear 💬

Childhood is when impressionable minds open widest to the mesmerizing power of entertainment. Nearly everyone can recall connecting with a show so completely it feels like a magical world created just for you.

But what if it actually was?

Superfan James Pope (Kyle Mooney) is obsessed with the clever if quaintly goofy kids' show Brigsby Bear to the point of religiosity. A bright, sensitive young adult still living at home, he has grown up with this fantasy series, and the program has grown with him as well - getting more complex over the years. But to say James' intensely protective parents have kept their son a bit sheltered is an understatement.

One dramatic night, James' insular world is upended. Through the disorienting but sporadically hilarious transition to a new life that follows, Brigsby remains James' security blanket and, upon learning the series has been canceled, he adopts the old adage that the show must go on. Family members and authority figures fret over James' fixation, but by becoming Brigsby Bear's new creator instead of just a viewer in the dark, he finally accesses all the meaningful connections his life has lacked. By telling his story, James repairs it - producing in the process an inventively offbeat and profoundly uplifting love letter to the redemptive power of creativity.


''BRIGSBY BEAR is a film about friendship, family, and nostalgia, which makes sense because it was made by three friends who went to middle school together. Although Kevin Costello moved out of town after 8th grade, the movie was a perfect vehicle for us to reunite and start a collaboration in adulthood. In that time between adolescence and present day, Dave McCary and I found ourselves making online shorts and doing live shows as the sketch group Good Neighbor (along with Beck Bennett and Nick Rutherford, who appear in BRIGSBY BEAR as well), eventually leading to jobs at Saturday Night Live. When Kevin landed in Los Angeles to pursue a solo writing career, the three of us all found a common enthusiasm for the concept of BRIGSBY BEAR, and got to work. The movie is our first collaboration, but the transition into a working relationship wasn't really a transition at all - it felt like an extension of the conversation about movies and culture we'd been having for years.

So it's fitting that in the film we see my character, James, building friendships with Spencer (Jorge Lendeberg Jr.), Aubrey (Ryan Simpkins), Meredith (Alexa Demie) and Vogel (Greg Kinnear) while helping to make James' Brigsby film within the film come to life.

It was difficult not to feel the parallels between making this movie and the characters making their own movie. Filmmaking is a long and tedious process of problem solving and compromise, but at the end of every shooting day we found solace in having a beer and reflecting on what went wrong, and what we might have actually gotten right. Even though at times it felt like a lot was riding on how we were doing on set, just having your friends around made the undertaking a lot easier.

Nostalgia also plays a big role in our movie. James attempts to reconnect to his former life by finishing Brigsby's story. Like a lot of us, he seeks comfort in replicating the joy he once felt as a child. Again, there was an easy parallel to the process we were going through. Coming up with Ted's (Mark Hamill) version of the Brigsby Bear TV show was a lot of fun. We sifted through YouTube clips and VHS cassettes of Teddy Ruxpin, He-Man, and tons of other children's television shows, ending up with this weird amalgamation of stuff we loved as kids. Seeing the art department mock-up bed sheets and action figures to make this world come to life was inspiring.

We tried our best to keep everything grounded and honest within BRIGSBY BEAR. We felt like there was inherent humor in the script and wanted to try and play it real, as if this whole thing really happened. Anyway, hope you like it.''

Kyle Mooney

Brigsby Bear Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Dave McCary

Writing Credits

Kevin Costello and Kyle Mooney (Screenplay)

Kyle Mooney (Story)


Kyle Mooney

Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

Matt Walsh

Michaela Watkins

Claire Danes

Ryan Simpkins

Greg Kinnear

Mark Hamill

Alexa Demie

Beck Bennett

Chance Crimin

Jane Adams

Kate Lyn Sheil

Andy Samberg

James Anthony Green

Kim Fischer

Kelly Chapman

Nicholas Rutherford

Reagan Pineda

Kiera Milan Hendricks

Tim Heidecker

Rex Morgan

Ellery Davidson

Christopher Sullivan

Music by

David Wingo

Cinematography by

Christian Sprenger

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Countries: United States, China

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