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Paper Moon 1973

Paper Moon

Paper Moon

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About the Paper Moon 💬

PAPER MOON is set during the Great Depression in the U.S. states of Kansas and Missouri. It starred the real-life father and daughter pairing of Ryan and Tatum O'Neal, as on-screen father and daughter Moze and Addie.

Adventure ensues as the pair blaze through the American Midwest, stealing, swindling, and selling the moon...

As Phineas Taylor ''P.T.'' Barnum put it, ''There's a sucker born every minute.''

The year is 1936. Orphaned Addie Loggins (Tatum O'Neal, in her film debut) is left in the care of unethical traveling Bible salesman Moses Pray (Ryan O'Neal), who may or may not be her father. En route to Addie's relatives, Moses learns that the 9-year-old is quite a handful: she smokes, cusses, and is almost as devious and manipulative as he is. They join forces as swindlers, working together so well that Addie is averse to breaking up the team - which is one reason that she sabotages the romance between Moses and good-time gal Trixie Delight (Madeline Kahn). Later, while attempting to square a $200 debt that Addie claims he owes her, Moses runs afoul of a bootlegger (John Hillerman) and is nearly beaten to death by the criminal's twin-brother sheriff. Painfully pulling himself together, Moses gets Addie to her relatives, whereupon she adamantly refuses to leave his side.

With its stunning black-and-white cinematography shot by the great László Kovács and its superb evocation of Depression-era locales, PAPER MOON endures as one of the key American comedies of the 1970s.

Paper Moon Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Peter Bogdanovich

Writing Credits

Alvin Sargent (Screenplay)

Joe David Brown (Novel)


Ryan O'Neal

Tatum O'Neal

Madeline Kahn

P.J. Johnson

John Hillerman

Cinematography by

László Kovács

Categories: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Winner, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Winner

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Country: United States

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