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Keep Going 2018

Keep Going | Continuer

Keep Going-Continuer

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About the Keep Going 💬

Sybille (Virginie Efira), a divorced mother, can't stand watching her teenage son Samuel (Kacey Mottet Klein) slip into a violent and meaningless life. She is also struggling with her own demons, past and present.

As a last resort, she takes Samuel on a long journey across Kyrgyzstan. Accompanied only by their two horses, mother and son face the magnificent hostile natural environment, its dangers, its rewards, its people... and above all each other.


When I finished reading Laurent Mauvignier's novel, I could not keep myself from wondering if the journey I had just experienced was not one I should take with my own mother.

I'm 42 years old and for the first time, I felt that urge.

I did not feel the immediate desire to adapt the book, perhaps it was too intimate. Would I dare go there?

Later on, while having a discussing about the book, I found myself standing up with all my might for Samuel, the son. I heard myself say that he was also suffering from his own violence and that he was not only aggressiveness.

The following day, I initiated the process of making my own adaptation of the novel. Laurent Mauvignier then introduced me to Virginie Efira who was drawn into his story just as much I was. Our desires came together. The screenplay took shape.

My producers and I discovered that we all shared a firm belief that this journey should not only be my own but a journey for everyone... whether mother or son.

And as JB Pontalis beautifully writes ''There is a mystery between sons and their mother. A boy has a hard time linking the mother and the woman. We try to explain things, we talk about the body, desire, jealousy of the father, but it's just a way of organizing our ignorance. The unanswered question is: what are our mother's dreams?''

KEEP GOING is my way, through cinema, of sharing this mystery with you.

Joachim Lafosse

Keep Going Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Joachim Lafosse

Writing Credits

Joachim Lafosse and Thomas van Zuylen (Screenplay)

Laurent Mauvignier (Novel)


Virginie Efira

Kacey Mottet Klein

Diego Martín

Mairambek Kozhoev

Damira Ripert

Belek Mamatkoulov

Mukhit Raikulov

Assel Kuanbayeva

Cinematography by

Jean-François Hensgens

Genre: Adventure, Drama

Countries: Belgium, France

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