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I, Pet Goat II 2012

I, Pet Goat II

I, Pet Goat II

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I, Pet Goat II is an animated film brimming with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has no dialog, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, war, occultism, and spirituality.

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About the I, Pet Goat II 💬

A story about the fire at the heart of suffering.

Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists, and 3d animators, the film takes a critical look at current events.

A mysterious figure travels aboard his boat through a dark and desolate landscape in his quest for inner peace.


I, Pet Goat II Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Louis Lefebvre

Writing Credits

Louis Lefebvre

Music by

Tanuki Project (Gilles Roisan and Nady Marro)

Genres: Animation, Short, Drama, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Musical

Country: Canada

I, Pet Goat II

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