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Hostile Border 2015

Hostile Border | Pocha | Pocha: Manifest Destiny

Hostile Border-Pocha-Pocha: Manifest Destiny

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About the Hostile Border 💬

When she's deported to México, Claudia (22) must choose between reconciling with her estranged father or partnering with a dangerous smuggler to return to the US.

Raised in the U.S., Claudia (Veronica Sixtos) is an undocumented immigrant chasing the bling of the luxe life and living beyond her means in a twisted version of the American dream. When she's arrested by the FBI for credit card fraud, Claudia is quickly deported to México. Speaking no Spanish and lost in her foreign ''homeland,'' she reluctantly takes refuge at her estranged father's cattle ranch. As she clashes with her unyielding father, her attempts to return home to the U.S. thrust her into a bond with a handsome and dangerous foreign smuggler, Ricky (Roberto Urbina). Caught between her father's sermons, Ricky's promises, and the encroaching military, Claudia must navigate a tightrope of impossible choices. Both a slow-burning thriller and western, HOSTILE BORDER follows the transformative journey of a young woman confronting the high price of American ideals in the dark places between two cultures.

Hostile Border Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Michael Dwyer

Kaitlin McLaughlin

Writing Credits

Michael Dwyer

Kaitlin McLaughlin


Veronica Sixtos

Roberto Urbina

Julio Cesar Cedillo

María del Carmen Farias

Sandra Santiago

Jorge A Jimenez

Jesse Garcia

Jeff Chassler

Danièle Watts

Music by

John Kirby

Kenneth Pattengale

Cinematography by

Michael Dwyer

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Western

Country: United States

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