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About Schmidt 2002

About Schmidt

About Schmidt

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Schmidt Happens

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About Schmidt 💬

Jack Nicholson stars as Warren Schmidt, an embittered man who has just retired after 32 years as an insurance company actuary.

When his wife dies suddenly, Warren packs up the 35-foot Winnebago that he and his wife had planned to travel the country in and sets out on a journey across the Nebraska plains to Denver, Colorado, for the wedding of his daughter Jeannie (Hope Davis) to a waterbed salesman named Randall (Dermot Mulroney) whom Warren despises. Warren disapproves of his daughter's groom-to-be and decides he must save his daughter from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Every move Warren makes seems wrong, and he appears destined to end his life as he lived it: a failure. But along the way, Warren recounts his journey to and shares his observations with an unexpected friend - a poor Tanzanian orphan whom Warren is sponsoring for 73 cents a day.

In his long letters to the boy, Warren begins to see himself - and the life he has lived - in a new light.

About Schmidt Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Alexander Payne

Writing Credits

Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor

Louis Begley (Novel)


Jack Nicholson

Hope Davis

Dermot Mulroney

Kathy Bates

June Squibb

Howard Hesseman

Mark Venhuizen

Music by

Rolfe Kent

Cinematography by

James Glennon

Categories: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Nominee, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Winner, EEBAFTAs, BAFTA Award Nominee

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Country: United States

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