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About the Mara 💬

  • Over 40% of the world's population suffer from sleep paralysis. Two-thirds of them describe being attacked by a demonic entity.

MARA is based upon a real medical condition called ''Sleep Paralysis.'' Multiple cultures around the world over many millennia have real-life stories about a ''Sleep Demon'' aka demonic attacks also known as ''Hag Syndrome.'' Mara is a well-researched film based upon real-life phenomena and is happening to an estimated 40% of humans around the world. It is when a person is in this state of ''Sleep Paralysis'' that they feel a presence of a supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if it is sitting on his/her chest. The word ''night-mare'' or ''nightmare'' was used to describe this phenomenon before the word acquired its' modern, more general meaning. Has it happened to you? If not, it just might... when you least expect her.

  • There are three states of being: AWAKE. ASLEEP. AND SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN.

Criminal psychologist Kate Fuller (Olga Kurylenko) is assigned to the murder of a man who has seemingly been strangled in his sleep by his wife and the only witness is their eight-year-old daughter, Sophie (Mackenzie Imsand). As Kate digs into the mystery of an ancient demon which kills people in their sleep, she experiences the same petrifying symptoms as all previous victims and spirals through a chilling nightmare to save herself and Sophie before she dares fall asleep again.

Mara Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Clive Tonge

Writing Credits

Jonathan Frank (Screenplay)

Clive Tonge and Jonathan Frank (Story)


Olga Kurylenko

Javier Botet

Mackenzie Imsand

Mitch Eakins

Craig Conway

Rosie Fellner

Lance E. Nichols

Ted Johnson

Melissa Bolona

Marcus W. Weathersby

Dandy Barrett

Jacob Grodnik

Max Benitz

Kathy McGraw

Gary Strickland

Gia Skova

Music by

James Edward Barker

Cinematography by

Emil Topuzov

Genres: Crime, Horror, Thriller

Country: United Kingdom

Mara Official Trailer

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