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In the Aisles 2018

In the Aisles | In den Gängen

In the Aisles-In den Gangen

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Life is tenderness, darkness, loneliness, the moment, love.

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About In the Aisles 💬

Introverted Christian discovers love, friendship and a whole new and mysterious world between the aisles of a wholesale market...

After the shy and reclusive Christian Gruvert (Franz Rogowski) loses his job, he starts to work for a wholesale market. Bruno (Peter Kurth) from the beverage aisle takes him under his wing and quickly becomes a fatherly friend to him. He shows him the ropes and patiently teaches him how to operate the fork lift. In the aisles, he meets ''Sweets'' Marion Koch (Sandra Hüller). He is instantly smitten by her mysterious charm. The coffee machine becomes their regular meeting point and the two start to get to know each other. But Marion is married and Christian’s feelings for her seem to remain unrequited, especially when Marion does not return to work one day. Christian slowly becomes a member of the wholesale market family and his days of driving fork lifts and stacking shelves mean much more to him than meets the eye.


I immediately dreamt about adapting Clemens Meyer's short story IN THE AISLES to screen when I first started reading his collection of short stories ALL THE LIGHTS. I couldn't let go of the idea of the lonesome young man who dives into the nightly aisles of a wholesale supermarket.

The rustle of the nearby Autobahn on the loading ramp, the secret cigarette on the shift, the coffee machine, the boss of the night, who shakes everyone’s hand at the end of the shift.

Meyer's story has immense depth and tragedy but needs such few details to come alive. Many things remain unspoken, the conclusions often remain untold. The reader, and now the audience, need to puzzle the pieces together.

Love and death in the wholesale market. ''Sweets''-Marion, Bruno, Rudi, Irina and ''Pallets''-Klaus - they all rise above themselves. What remains is the realization that community, warmth and a little bit of happiness are only possible in the aisles of the wholesale market.


Finally a romantic film.

A romantic film that takes place in the aisles of a wholesale market.

A romantic film based on the short story by German cult author Clemens Meyer, directed by Student Oscar winner Thomas Stuber.

This is exactly the film we wanted to make from the very beginning!

A film that loves and cherishes its characters and reveals humanity in a setting where we wouldn't necessarily expect it.

A film that seems utterly ''genuine,'' but isn't a documentary; rather, its subtle poetry unfolds through its unique visual images.

Thanks to the outstanding script that had already been honored with the German Screenplay Award before shooting began, to Franz Rogowski, Sandra Hüller, Peter Kurth and all the other incredible actors, an amazing team behind the camera, and Thomas Stuber's keen instinct and talent, we are filled with joy to realize that we have made exactly the film that we all dreamed of making for four years.

A film in the tradition of poetic realism, which hasn't been given much space in contemporary German cinema up to now, but which has so often captivated us on the international scene.

And so we hope that many people in the movie theaters of the world will take Christian, Marion, Bruno, and their unique world into their hearts, and after IN THE AISLES, when anyone sees a forklift at the supermarket, they will only think of the ocean.

In the Aisles Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Thomas Stuber

Writing Credits

Thomas Stuber and Clemens Meyer (Screenplay)

Clemens Meyer (Based on the short story)


Franz Rogowski

Sandra Hüller

Peter Kurth

Andreas Leupold

Michael Specht

Steffen Scheumann

Ramona Kunze-Libnow

Henning Peker

Matthias Brenner

Gerdy Zint

Sascha Nathan

Clemens Meyer

Cinematography by

Peter Matjasko

Genre: Drama, Romance

Country: Germany

In the Aisles Official Trailer

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