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Sword of Vengeance 2015

Sword of Vengeance

Sword of Vengeance

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About the Sword of Vengeance 💬

''After victory at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror, sent his army to the North of England to carry out a campaign of furious destruction. It was known as The Harrowing. King William's most feared warlord Earl Durant slaughtered 100.000 Saxons, leaving the land in despair and devastation. Durant now rules The North with his sons Lord Artus and Lord Romain. Those who survive live in constant fear.''

  • Let the battle begin!

After years of slavery, a Norman Prince returns to the lost lands to seek revenge on his father's murderer: his uncle, the ruthless Earl Durant (Karel Roden). He gains the trust of a band of exiled farmers and leads them into battle against the Earl, exploiting them in his inexorable quest for revenge. Will the Prince sacrifice everything and everyone to quench his thirst for bloody retribution? Can there be any redemption for his deep-rooted rage and hatred or has he lost his soul to vengeance?

Sword of Vengeance Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Jim Weedon

Writing Credits

Julian Unthank (Written by)

Matthew Read (Story)


Stanley Weber

Annabelle Wallis

Karel Roden

Ed Skrein

Dave Legeno

Gianni Giardinelli

Edward Akrout

Milica Jevtic

Misa Beric

Peter J. Chaffey

Music by

Stephen Hilton

Cinematography by

August Jakobsson

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, History

Country: United Kingdom

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