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Sleepless Night 2011

Sleepless Night | Nuit Blanche

Sleepless Night-Nuit Blanche

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He took their drugs. They took his son.

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About the Sleepless Night 💬

SLEEPLESS NIGHT tells the story of Vincent (Tomer Sisley), a respected and dedicated police officer, or so it seems. After stealing a massive bag of cocaine from drug dealers that work for José Marciano (Serge Riaboukine), a powerful mob boss/nightclub owner, Vincent quickly finds himself trapped in a situation that no parent would envy- his son has been kidnapped with the promise of being executed if he doesn't immediately deliver the bag back to its rightful owner. As Vincent heads to the nightclub in the outskirts of Paris to trade the drugs for his son, he soon gets caught in an intense, claustrophobic cat-and-mouse game that quickly spirals into madness as the tables are constantly turned multiple times throughout the evening. The night to come might not only be the longest but also the last one of his life... and his young son's as well.


One of our intentions in writing the story was to construct characters that reveal themselves bit by bit, who turns out to be the opposite of what they appear to be at first. The spectator will progressively discover their hidden faces and their true, secret motivations. All this happens a single night, a crucial night that will reveal the characters to themselves, and to each other, a night of hell that ends with new dawn - a night during which, faced with overwhelming challenges, a father will at last become a true hero.

But not without a price...

Frédéric Jardin

Sleepless Night Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Frédéric Jardin

Writing Credits

Frédéric Jardin and Nicolas Saada (Screenplay)

Frédéric Jardin and Olivier Douyère (Adaptation)


Tomer Sisley

Julien Boisselier

Joey Starr

Serge Riaboukine

Laurent Stocker

Lizzie Brocheré

Samy Seghir

Birol Ünel

Dominique Bettenfeld

Adel Bencherif

Catalina Denis

Pom Klementieff

Cécile Boland

Natasha Bintz

Esther Correira

Music by

Nicolas Errèra

Cinematography by

Tom Stern

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

Countries: France, Belgium, Luxembourg

Sleepless Night Official Trailer

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