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Silent Mist 2017

Silent Mist

Silent Mist

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SILENT MIST is a horrifying social drama inspired by actual events.

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About the Silent Mist 💬

  • Based on true events and still unsolved crimes.

Depicting the impact of greed, power hunger, cold relationships, and corruption over contemporary Chinese society through ordinary citizens, SILENT MIST opens in the darkness of a night, when an ominous blanket of fog falls upon a peaceful canal town in Southern China. Shadows scatter along the damp walls of the streets, and an old man arrives in the village, wandering through the winding narrow paths. A schoolgirl, a young woman and a young couple seem to be unable to cope with the tension.

''Mist'' is the key to understand the movie. As the title SILENT MIST suggests, the aftermath of the incident pervades the whole village like a mist, but the villagers keep silent as if it is no business of theirs. Where everyone sees everything but no one says anything. At least nothing important.

Director Zhang in his fourth feature film describes the violent acts in the film as ''a symbol of this individual 'freedom' acquired at the cost of the innocent other.''

Silent Mist Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Miaoyan Zhang

Writing Credits

Miaoyan Zhang, Quge, Rice Zhang and Wang Lianggui (Screenplay)

Roelof Jan Minneboo (Script consultant)


Chulan Hu

Zhao Zuojun

Yang Xiaojiang

Wang Gufu

Cinematography by

Miaoyan Zhang

Zhiyong Xu

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Countries: China, France

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