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Sergio and Sergei 2017

Sergio and Sergei | Sergio & Sergei | Sergio & Serguéi

Sergio and Sergei-Sergio and Serguei

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  • A story of friendship, beyond all borders.

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About Sergio and Sergei 💬

  • Inspired by true events.

It's 1991, the USSR is gone and the Cold War is over, but one man has yet to find out: on the space station Mir, Sergei (Héctor Noas), the last Soviet cosmonaut, can see the entire planet but his own country has disappeared. With no funds to bring him back, he's now circling the Earth 16 times a day, cut adrift from his land and home.

Meanwhile, in a crumbling Cuba, the Communist dream is also coming to an end for Sergio (Tomás Cao), a Marxism philosophy professor and Radio enthusiast. Surviving in Havana now means running a clandestine rum distillery and an illegal cigar factory with his 65-year-old mother.

One fateful night, an exchange of radio frequencies accidentally connects Sergio and Sergei. The two men quickly form an unusual friendship in a world of political uncertainty. When a meteorite suddenly damages the Mir, Sergei asks Sergio to help him get back to Earth. With the help of an American friend having connections at NASA, Sergio designs a plan to rescue Sergei from the icy depths of space. But Sergio doesn't know that he is under surveillance and that his plan will be watched every step of the way...

Cuban director Ernesto Daranas (Conducta) comes to a political satire inspired by true events about the Soviet Cosmonaut saved by Coca-Cola.

Sergio and Sergei Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Ernesto Daranas

Writing Credits

Ernesto Daranas

Marta Daranas


Tomás Cao

Héctor Noas

Ron Perlman

Yuliet Cruz

Mario Guerra

Ana Gloria Buduén

Armando Miguel Gómez

Camila Arteche

Idalmis Garcia

Ailín de la Caridad Rodriguez

A.J. Buckley

Rolando Raimjanov

Luis Manuel Álvarez

Dayna Posada

Music by

Micka Luna

Tom Linden

Cinematography by

Alejandro Menéndez

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Countries: Cuba, Spain

Sergio and Sergei Official Trailer

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