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Rainbow: A Private Affair 2017

Rainbow: A Private Affair | Una Questione Privata

Rainbow: A Private Affair-Una Questione Privata

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In the middle of a war between partisans and fascists, Milton looks for Giorgio out of love for Fulvia.

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About the Rainbow: A Private Affair 💬

The latest film from Italy's esteemed directors Taviani brothers tells the story of a love triangle during the Italian Civil War circa World War II. Freely inspired by writer, translator, and partisan Beppe Fenoglio's novel, Rainbow: A PRIVATE AFFAIR follows partisan Milton, his unrequited love interest Fulvia, and her love interest Giorgio who is arrested by the Fascists. Taviani Brothers, present a period war film about love and innocence in their follow-up to 2015's Wondrous Boccaccio.

Besides being the directors, the Taviani brothers have always wrote the screenplays of their movies.

''O, now forever farewell the tranquil mind, farewell the plumed troops and the big wars. Thou hadst been better have been born a dog than answer my waked wrath.''

William Shakespeare

Summer 1943, Piedmont, northwestern Italy. Milton (Luca Marinelli) loves Fulvia (Valentina Bellè) who plays with his love: she only likes the depth of his thought and the letters he writes to her. One year later, Milton has joined the Resistance and fights beside other partisans. He learns during a conversation that Fulvia was secretly in love with his best friend Giorgio (Lorenzo Richelmy), a partisan like him. Milton decides to go find Giorgio in the Langhe region of Italy with all its misty hills... But Giorgio has just been arrested by the Fascists.


Today, in our ambivalent time, time of a war that we don't fight, Fenoglio has strongly impressed us with his novel ''A PRIVATE AFFAIR'': the crazy love and jealousy of Milton, the protagonist, who knows only half and wants to know it all. We started from here to evoke, in a long obsessive run, a drama that wanted to be personal, private: a drama about an innocent love that is also guilty, because during the brutal days of the Civil War the fate of every single person must blend with the fate of the community.

Paolo and Vittorio Taviani

Rainbow: A Private Affair Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Paolo Taviani

Writing Credits

Taviani Brothers (Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani)

Beppe Fenoglio (Novel)


Luca Marinelli

Valentina Bellè

Lorenzo Richelmy

Guglielmo Favilla

Francesca Agostini

Anna Ferruzzo

Mauro Conte

Tommaso Maria Neri

Marco Brinzi

Luca Cesa

Lorenzo Demaria

Alessandro Sperduti

Francesco Turbanti

Giulio Beranek

Andrea Di Maria

Music by

Carmelo Travia

Giuliano Taviani

Cinematography by

Simone Zampagni

Genres: Drama, Romance, War

Countries: Italy, France

Rainbow: A Private Affair Official Trailer

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