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Peace to Us in Our Dreams 2015

Peace to Us in Our Dreams | Ramybe musu sapnuose | Покой нам только снится

Peace to Us in Our Dreams-Ramybe musu sapnuose

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We spend our lives trying to understand. What's real and what's not. And that is the result of our imagination. People spend their lives trying to understand this. And that's how it will be forever. It is an endless search.

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About the Peace to Us in Our Dreams 💬

One summer day, a man, his new wife, and his daughter arrive to their countryside house to spend a weekend. After the death of her mother, the sixteen-year-old daughter moves in with her father, whose attention she lacks. The man is worn out by his daily routine and does not know how to find the strength to carry on living. His wife, a violinist, does not feel any joy of life, confused in her priorities - music, love, and career. Despite the fact the man and his wife love each other, their relationship is tensed and is on the brink of collapse. In the countryside, the daughter befriends a boy, whom she knows from her childhood. As one day, the boy steals an optical sight rifle from a hunters' company, a big chase starts in the countryside.


Sometimes to understand yourself, it is necessary to hear and see the others. One needs to feel the cold breeze of death in order to turn back to life.

Sharunas Bartas

Peace to Us in Our Dreams Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sharunas Bartas

Writing Credits

Sharunas Bartas


Ina Marija Bartaité

Sarunas Bartas

Lora Kmieliauskaite

Edvinas Goldstein

Klavdiya Korshunova

Eugenijus Barunovas

Aushra Eitmontiene

Giedrus Nakas

Music by

Alexander Zekke

Cinematography by

Eitvydas Doskus

Genre: Drama

Countries: Lithuania, France, Russia

Peace to Us in Our Dreams Official Trailer

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