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My Father Die 2016

My Father Die

My Father Die

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About the My Father Die 💬

Deaf and mute since having his hearing knocked out at the age of 12, Asher Rawlings (Joe Anderson) has been training for almost two decades to avenge himself on Ivan Rawlings (Gary Stretch), the man that killed his older brother 21 years ago.

And now that his nemesis is out of prison, he gets his chance.

But Asher's target also happens to be his father.

Director Sean Brosnan's debut is a dark masterpiece; a unique mixture of poetry and violence captured in stunningly beautiful pictures and accompanied with a terrific dirty-twang soundtrack. Straddling the border between nihilistic revenge tale and brutalist Southern Gothic, MY FATHER DIE is a movie you definitely won't forget - brilliant, brutal, poetic.


Let me start by saying how blessed I was to have worked with such a fantastic cast and crew. I was blessed and grateful to have my wife and producing partner Sanja Banic (who was five months pregnant with our daughter during production) with me the whole time. Sanja is a brave woman, not only for tackling such an endeavor as MY FATHER DIE but for also putting up with my insanity. My restless nights and constant philosophical rants.

Now, what I set out to make was an art house an experimental philosophical piece of fictional cinema... However, if I were to say that to an investor the door would probably be shut before I was even halfway through my sentence... So yes, it does have those elements, but essentially one could call it a revenge film. But to me at least, it is much more. My inspirations for creating such a hyperbolic piece of unrelenting moving pictures were pulled from very old and nefarious sources indeed.

The spine of MFD is that of Irish playwright John Millington Synge's late 18th-century play titled ''Playboy Of The Western World.'' I was sixteen when I first read the play which was given to me by my English teacher Mr. Coleman. It was later in life that I thought about adapting the play into a screenplay. Although, this has been done quite a few times already. Instead, I used it more as an inspirational tool to draw from.

As I delved deeper into the play and its themes and undercurrents, it dawned on me how one could argue that the father killing the son and the son killing the father (none of which are new literary ideas) parallel Freud's three phases of personality - Id, ego, and super-ego (or society's correction of the Id) and the relationship of the primitive family. Freud held that it is only when a band of brothers come together as one do they realize they are stronger than the father. Now, of course, this could also be a metaphor for religion, politics and socio-economic power struggles within America. After all, according to Freud: killing your father is the ultimate rebuke of God.

My question is: who and what is your God? Government? Money? Fame? Power? Or perhaps just your father or your mother. But just remember though, by killing your god, whoever or whatever that might be, you might just be killing yourself.

Sean Brosnan

My Father Die Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sean Brosnan

Writing Credits

Sean Brosnan


Joe Anderson

Gary Stretch

Kevin Gage

Candace Smith

John Schneider

Gabe White

William Mark McCullough

Frances Reagan James

Ross Britz

Josh Perry

Thomas Francis Murphy

Chester Rushing

Susan McPhail

Trina LaFargue

Shawn Rainey

Music by

Justin Small

Ohad Benchetrit

Cinematography by

Marc Shap

Genres: Action, Drama

Country: United States

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