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Loving 2017

Loving | Amar


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Young love and its complications in modern day Spain.

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About the Loving 💬

Young Laura and Carlos love each other as if each day were their last. Driven by the desire to determine her own life and break free from her mother's control, Laura dreams of getting pregnant. Both search for their place in the world but one year later, grown up quite a bit, their deep passion is a memory...

Carlos (Pol Monen) is starting university and plans to study law. His girlfriend Laura (María Pedraza) is still in high school. Despite their youth, their love leads them to experiment sexually beyond what is socially acceptable. They want to be free to live out their wild love, but their families are in their way. Laura's parents are separated. Her mother, Merche (Natalia Tena), had her very young and doesn't want her to make the same mistakes she did, so she tries to impose her authority through rules and punishment. Ever since they moved to the city and Merche met her boyfriend, Laura's relationship with her mother has changed, and Laura misses the time when they lived in a small town and were real friends. Carlos' family, more traditional and respectful of their son's wishes, try to support him. Carlos suggests to Laura that they run away together. At first, she shows enthusiasm but soon changes her mind. Gradually the wear and tear of parental guidance and how they understand their own love relationship takes its toll on the couple.

Loving Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Esteban Crespo

Writing Credits

Esteban Crespo

Mario Fernandez Alonso


María Pedraza

Pol Monen

Natalia Tena

Jorge Silvestre

Gustavo Salmerón

Greta Fernández

Maria Caballero

Paz Muñoz

Nacho Fresneda

Marta Belenguer

Esther Ramos

Antonio Valero

Sonia Almarcha

Jorge Motos

Manuel D'Ocon

Lola Errando

Fran Morales

Hugo Roger

Juli Mira

Music by

Adolfo Núñez

Cinematography by

Ángel Amorós

Genres: Drama, Romance

Countries: Spain, Argentina

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