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Disappearance 2017

Disappearance | Napadid Shodan

Disappearance-Napadid Shodan

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In the course of one cold night in Tehran, two young lovers go from hospital to hospital in search of help. Soon they will have to face the tragic consequences of their youthful naivety.

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About the Disappearance 💬

On a cold winter's night in modern Tehran, a couple of young lovers run into a serious problem, and they have just a few hours to come up with a solution. They go from hospital to hospital in search for help, but none of the hospitals will admit the young woman to provide her with the medical attention she desperately requires. While they try hard to find a way to solve the problem, they have to hide what is happening from their parents. Moreover, their relationship is facing a crisis and will suffer dire consequences. Caught between conservative traditions and modern day desires - the couple must face their uncertain futures.


Q: Where did the idea for the film come from? Was it a real story?

It is based on a real story. A friend of my co-writer Farnoosh Samadi called her up at midnight and told her that she had a problem, which inspired us to write the script. We changed quite a lot, especially how it all begins and the ending, plus added more characters.

Q: How would you describe the situation of young people in Iran today?

We are living in the digital era and it means there are not that many differences between the young people around the world. Our desires are growing more and more similar. The main difference for the young generation in Iran is that they are still living in a society embraced by tradition, religion and resulting limitations. At the same time, they are struggling to break this wall around them. They want to live their own lives and transcend those limitations. Older generations in Iran find it hard to cope with this new reality. They do not want to give up control over the young and they want to make sure they will believe in the things they believe in and respect the rules they themselves consider important. The young generation is thus forced to live in a conservative society which main rules are derived from religion and that creates sharp contrasts and conflicts in their everyday lives.

Disappearance Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Ali Asgari

Writing Credits

Ali Asgari

Farnoosh Samadi


Amirreza Ranjbaran

Sadaf Asgari

Nafiseh Zare

Sahar Sotoodeh

Mohammad Heidari

Music by

Ishai Adar

Cinematography by

Ashkan Ashkani

Genre: Drama

Countries: Iran, Qatar

Disappearance Official Trailer

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