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Colt 45-2014

Colt 45

Colt 45

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About the Colt 45 💬

  • No one to talk to... There's no one waiting for you.

Dragged into a web of violence and treachery by a corrupt colleague, police armorer Vincent must embrace the darkness within if he is to survive.

''Mr. Miles. Those who have a talent like yours reign in hell. They don't serve in heaven.''

Richard Sammel as Major

Police armorer and firearms instructor Vincent Milès (Ymanol Perset) is a shooting ace. Only 25 years old, his prowess is the envy of the world's finest but, to the incomprehension of his colleagues, Vincent refuses to join the police action units.

''You're a killer, made for the trenches, not the sidelines.''

Joey Starr as Milo Cardena

HIS LIFE IS THROWN INTO CHAOS when he meets Milo Cardena (Joey Starr), a corrupt cop who will drag him into a downward spiral of violence, placing Vincent at the center of a series of armed raids, murders and a savage police war that pits his godfather Captain Christian Chavez (Gérard Lanvin), chief of the Anti-Robbery Squad against his mentor, Captain Luc Denard (Simon Abkarian), chief of the Anti-Gangs Unit.

''You're a good person. Mistakes can be fixed, but you have to pay the price.''

Simon Abkarian as Commissaire Luc Denard

Trapped in a situation primed to blow sky high, Vincent is left with no choice but to embrace the darkness within him if he is to survive.

Colt 45 Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Fabrice du Welz

Writing Credits

Fathi Beddiar (Screenplay & from an original idea by)

Fabrice du Welz (Adaptation)


Ymanol Perset

Gérard Lanvin

Simon Abkarian

Joey Starr

Alice Taglioni

Richard Sammel

Gérard Watkins

Alexandre Brasseur

Mick Gould

Antoine Basler

Jo Prestia

Michaël Vander-Meiren

Anton Yakovlev

Amr Waked

Redouane Behache

Aymen Saïdi

Salem Kali

Michel Ferracci

Philippe Nahon

Denis Braccini

Philippe Petit

Fathi Beddiar

Gregory Loffredo

Christophe Ntakabanyura

Moussa Mansaly

Jean-Michel Chapelain

Christophe Maratier

Mathieu Nicourt

Aurèle Petitpierre

Habibur Rahman

Malek Oudjail

Music by

Benjamin Shielden

Cinematography by

Benoît Debie

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Countries: France, Belgium

Colt 45 Official Trailer

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