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Beyond Words 2017

Beyond Words | Pomiedzy Slowami

Beyond Words-Pomiedzy Slowami

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Beyond Family. Beyond Truth. Beyond Limits. Beyond Words.

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About the Beyond Words 💬

Nothing in Michael, a young and successful Berlin lawyer, gives away his Polish roots. The sudden appearance of his father, who was long presumed dead, plunges Michael into an existential crisis. After his father leaves, Michael can't return to his life as a German...

28-year-old Michael (Jakub Gierszal) and his boss and best friend Franz (Christian Löber) feel at home in Berlin's hip restaurants, bars, and clubs. There is seemingly no difference between them, but Michael, who emigrated from Poland after the death of his mother several years ago, still pays extra attention to his accent. Michael is thrown into turmoil when a run-down Polish bohemian shows up on his doorstep and claims to be his father. Michael is seeing him for the first time. Stanislaw (Andrzej Chyra) enters his son's world more as a father symbol than a real father. Father and son, two complete strangers spend a weekend together, torn between empathy, rejection, and mistrust. As Michael's roots catch up with him, a painful crisis seems inevitable.

BEYOND WORDS is a family drama and a unique film on immigration that questions nationalism through language.


''I wanted to make a film about something I'm familiar with because that's how I do things. In this particular instance, I was thinking of making a film about immigration as a fait accompli rather than a social film. Immigration films usually involve refugees portrayed as victims or as people who need to integrate. I have never seen a film in which the immigrant is fully integrated. My film doesn't deal with economic immigration, but with immigration by choice. Black and white is often an aesthetic choice, but not in this case, because it actually ties in with these opposing themes, these dramatic contrasts that flow through the entire film. Moreover, in post-production, we actually accentuated the visual contrasts. And when you shoot in Berlin in black and white, the architecture of buildings begins to talk to you, it's somewhat reminiscent of Albert Speer.''

Urszula Antoniak

Beyond Words Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Urszula Antoniak

Writing Credits

Urszula Antoniak


Jakub Gierszal

Andrzej Chyra

Christian Löber

Justyna Wasilewska

Cinematography by

Lennert Hillege

Genre: Drama

Countries: Netherlands, Poland, France

Beyond Words Official Trailer

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