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Wild 2016



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A disturbing love story of animalistic radicality.

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About the Wild 💬

WILD tells an anarchistic story of a protagonist who breaks the tacit contract with civilization and fearlessly decides on life without safety net or hypocrisy.

The young woman Ania (Lilith Stangenberg) has a strange encounter on her way to work. She finds herself gazing into a wild pair of eyes, and it seems to her that her entire life hitherto has been a joke. She cannot forget the instant and becomes a hunter who indeed finally manages to lock the wild creature in her high-rise apartment. Now she herself begins to assume a new identity, one which breaks with all the fetters of bourgeois life. Strangely, this pleases the people around her, particularly her boss... It seems they all share her secret yearning.


Everybody knows that the world we created doesn't always serve our true nature. Safety is the main goal these days. Something unpredictable gets eliminated or labeled as crazy. I need danger, I need to not know where I'm going, I want to put everything on one card once in a while and maybe lose it all. And I think we all do. We just forgot to respect and worship those moments without a safety net. Losing control is a good thing.

Nicolette Krebitz

Wild Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Nicolette Krebitz

Writing Credits

Nicolette Krebitz


Lilith Stangenberg

Georg Friedrich

Silke Bodenbender

Saskia Rosendahl

Pit Bukowski

Frowin Wolter

Tamer Yiğit

Kotti Yun

Laurie Young

Joy Maria Bai

Cinematography by

Reinhold Vorschneider

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Country: Germany

Wild Official Trailer

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