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Seabiscuit 2003



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The true story of a long shot who became a legend.

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About the Seabiscuit 💬

  • The hopes of a nation rode on a long shot.

SEABISCUIT is based on the inspiring true story of three men - a jockey, a trainer and a businessman - and the undersized racehorse who took the entire nation on the ride of a lifetime.

  • A long shot becomes a legend.

In the sultry summer of 1936, Charles Howard (Jeff Bridges), a former bicycle repairman who made a fortune by introducing the automobile to the American West, bought a horse named Seabiscuit. He was a rough-hewn, undersized horse with a sad little tail and knees that wouldn't straighten all the way. For two years, he fought his trainers and floundered at the lowest level of racing, misunderstood and mishandled, before Howard discovered his dormant talent and entrusted him to two men.

One was Red Pollard (Tobey Maguire), a failing jockey who had been living in a horse stall since his family lost its fortune in the crash. The other was Tom Smith (Chris Cooper), ''The Lone Plainsman,'' a virtually mute mustang breaker who had come from the vanishing frontier, bearing generations of lost wisdom about the secret of horses.

Using frontier training methods that raised eyebrows on the backstretch, they discovered that beneath the hostility and fear was a gentlemanly horse with keen intelligence, frightening speed, and ferocious competitive will. It was the beginning is four years of extraordinary drama, in which Seabiscuit overcame a phenomenal run of bad fortune to become one of the most spectacular performers in sports history.

Competing in the cruelest years of the Depression, the rags-to-riches horse emerged as an American cultural icon, drawing an immense and fanatical following, inspiring an avalanche of merchandising, and establishing himself as the single biggest newsmaker of 1938 - receiving more coverage than FDR, Hitler, or any other public figure.

Seabiscuit Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Gary Ross

Writing Credits

Gary Ross (Screenplay)

Laura Hillenbrand (Book)


David McCullough (narrator)

Tobey Maguire

Jeff Bridges

Chris Cooper

Gary Stevens

Elizabeth Banks

William H. Macy

Eddie Jones

Ed Lauter

Chris McCarron

Music by

Randy Newman

Category: Oscars, Oscar Academy Award Nominee, Golden Globes, Golden Globe Nominee

Genres: Drama, History, Sport

Country: United States

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