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Double Impact 1991

Double Impact | Feel The Impact

Double Impact

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Twin brothers torn apart by violence. On a mission of revenge. One packs a punch. One packs a piece. Together they deliver...

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About the Double Impact 💬

  • Double Van Damme

What could be better than Jean-Claude Van Damme in an explosively entertaining action extravaganza? Two of him!

  • The Corsican Brothers

Hong Kong, 1966.

Chad (JCVD), a charming, smooth karate instructor from Los Angeles is mysteriously urged to fly to China by the man who raised him like a son, Frank Avery (Geoffrey Lewis). There he meets Alex (JCVD), a streetwise gun-slinging smuggler raised on the back streets of Hong Kong.

  • Two brothers separated by the violence. Now together in a mission of revenge.

Chad and Alex discover they are twin brothers and were separated when their parents were brutally murdered twenty-five years ago.

Double Impact Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Sheldon Lettich

Writing Credits

Sheldon Lettich and Jean-Claude Van Damme (Screenplay)

Sheldon Lettich, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Peter Krikes and Steve Meerson (Screen story)


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Alonna Shaw

Bolo Yeung

Geoffrey Lewis

Alan Scarfe

Philip Chan

Corinna Everson

Music by

Arthur Kempel

Cinematography by

Richard Howard Kline

Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime

Country: United States

Double Impact Official Trailer

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