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Blame 2017



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About the Blame 💬

Provocative coming-of-age drama based on Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

It's the start of a new year at a small suburban high school - Abigail Grey (Quinn Shephard) is an eternal outcast returning for the first time after a mysterious event the previous year. Facing constant bullying, Abigail escapes from her hostile surroundings by immersing herself in the worlds of the characters she reads about, much to the amusement of her manipulative classmate, Melissa Bowman (Nadia Alexander).

  • It's about to storm...

When the girls' intriguing new drama teacher Jeremy Woods (Chris Messina) announces Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible' as their fall show and casts Abigail over Melissa in the starring role, Abigail's confidence blooms - but soon her relationship with Jeremy begins to move beyond the fantasy world she's constructed.

  • Watch your back!

This taboo bond strikes a nerve in Melissa, fueling vengeful jealousy that quickly spirals out of control - and brings about a chain of events that draws even further parallels to the madness of Salem (The Salem Witch Trials, Massachusetts, 1692)...

''It were a fire you walked me through, and all my ignorance was burned away.''

Arthur Miller, 'The Crucible'

Blame Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Quinn Shephard

Writing Credits

Quinn Shephard (Written by)

Quinn Shephard and Laurie Shephard (Story)


Quinn Shephard

Chris Messina

Nadia Alexander

Sarah Mezzanotte

Tessa Albertson

Owen Campbell

Luke Slattery

Trieste Kelly Dunn

Tate Donavan

Marcia DeBonis

Larry Mitchell

Music by

Pierre-Philippe Côté

Cinematography by

Aaron Kovalchik

Genres: Drama, Thriller

Country: United States

Blame Official Trailer

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