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The Devil's Advocate 1997

The Devil's Advocate | Im Auftrag des Teufels

The Devil's Advocate-Im Auftrag des Teufels

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The newest attorney at the world's most powerful law firm has never lost a case. But he's about to lose his soul.

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About The Devil's Advocate 💬

  • Evil has its winning ways.

Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves), a defense attorney in Gainesville, Florida, has never lost a case. He defends a schoolteacher, Mr. Gettys (Chris Bauer), against a charge of child molestation. During the trial, Kevin realizes that his client is guilty, and a reporter tells him that a guilty verdict is all but inevitable. However, through a harsh cross-examination Kevin destroys the credibility of the victim (Heather Matarazzo) and secures another not guilty verdict.

  • Don't trust the devil. Devil begins and wins.

Handpicked by John Milton (Al Pacino), the most powerful and feared attorney in New York, Kevin leaves his Southern roots, joining an exotic world of luxury cars, unlimited expense accounts, and penthouse apartments. But his heavenly new career soon turns into hell as Milton's lure of limitless wealth, sex and fame spin out of control.

  • Speak of the devil.

As the line between fantasy and reality blurs, Kevin no longer sees his employer as just a smooth-talking businessman, but as someone much more ominous. Now, trapped in an underworld of depravity and greed, can Kevin stop a demonic plan to spread evil well beyond the courtroom?

The Devil's Advocate Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Taylor Hackford

Writing Credits

Jonathan Lemkin and Tony Gilroy (Screenplay)

Andrew Neiderman (Novel)


Keanu Reeves

Al Pacino

Charlize Theron

Judith Ivey

Chris Bauer

Heather Matarazzo

Music by

James Newton Howard

Cinematography by

Andrzej Bartkowiak

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Countries: United States, Germany

The Devil's Advocate Official Trailer

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