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Irreversible 2002



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Time destroys everything.

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About the Irreversible 💬

Irreversible. Because time destroys everything. Because certain acts are irreparable. Because man is an animal. Because the will to get revenge is a natural impulse. Because most crimes go unpunished. Because the loss of a loved one destroys like lightning. Because love is the source of life. Because premonitions don't change the course of things. Because time reveals everything. The worst and the best.

An extreme act of violence will forever change the lives of three Parisians over the course of one night; some will be faced with the realization of what they are truly capable of and the harsh reality that our fate is pre-determined.

Noé's Irreversible can still be considered the ultimate in bravura filmmaking. An emotional odyssey that unspools in reverse from gutwrenching violence to sweetly observed moments of sublime tenderness, the film stars Monica Bellucci and real-life husband Vincent Cassel as a couple whose story is told over the course of a fateful evening in a series of long takes. The film features two unsettling and graphic scenes of violence and sexuality that are difficult to watch. However, these grim sights are nestled within a carefully constructed although unconventional narrative which serves as a counterpoint to moments of striking tenderness. In some ways, Irreversible is a study of darkness and light.

Irreversible Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Gaspar Noé

Writing Credits

Gaspar Noé


Monica Bellucci

Vincent Cassel

Albert Dupontel

Jo Prestia

Philippe Nahon

Stéphane Drouot

Jean-Louis Costes

Mourad Khima

Michel Gondoin

Music by

Thomas Bangalter

Cinematography by

Benoît Debie

Gaspar Noé

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Country: France

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