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Silent Hill 2006

Welcome to Silent Hill. Welcome to Hell. Welcome to Paradise... We've been expecting you.

Silent Hill

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About the Silent Hill 💬

  • Toluca County, West Virginia

For director Christophe Gans, the appeal of making the film of SILENT HILL lay in its otherworldliness, its mixture of horror, sci-fi and drama elements, all the while refusing to succumb to the rules of any one genre. ''This is a classic Twilight Zone story, dealing with emotions and the supernatural,'' says Gans. ''The story, embedded in different dimensions and linked by the fact that everyone is suffering, rests between the tradition of Romanesque melodrama and surrealistic science fiction. What I like is that SILENT HILL is a current place, but once you are caught in it, you are condemned to wander there forever. But of course, it's absolutely mythological; not a normal story at all.''

Yet at the same time, the difference in media was crucial to understanding. ''A game is a game, and a film is a film,'' says Gans. ''SILENT HILL is about diving into a frightening world. What was important in the idea to do a movie was to bring a background story into the foreground. And we wanted to make all the characters grey and ambiguous, very multi-dimensional.''

  • The Worlds of Silent Hill

In adapting the game, Gans did make a crucial change to the story - the protagonist of the film is female, rather than male. ''If you deal with disturbing issues such as we do in the film, you must have a saving grace,'' he says. ''Bringing women into the story, (the cast is almost entirely female), was my way of doing that. By putting the issues on a feminine level, it makes them more complex and, at the same time, more ambivalent.''

The leitmotiv in ''SILENT HILL'' is motherhood, faith, and persecution, all presented on a symbolic level. Gans' film Brotherhood of the Wolf (which he regards as his 'boy's film'), features Mani, a shamanistic North American Aboriginal who believed in the forces of nature. SILENT HILL is the feminine counterpart in which Gans explores the force of motherhood against intolerance. ''Rose, as Sharon's adoptive mother, loves the child so much, Sharon becomes her own. In this way, motherhood in the film is about Immaculate Conception - motherhood achieved in the noblest way. And that is the saving grace of the film. All these female characters have different ways of coping with motherhood.''

Complementing Rose is Cybil, the childless police officer who adopts Rose's quest; Dahlia, the suffering mother who lost her child to a fanatical sect; Christabella, the religious leader who has turned away from motherhood for what she believes is the greater good of the community; Anna, the innocent who grasps onto anything that fashioned itself as a mother; and Dark Alessa, who tends to her namesake with all the savagery that the maternal instinct can mobilize.

By the time SILENT HILL reaches its devastating conclusion in the suddenly unfriendly sanctuary of a witch obsessed cult, Gans' film has coalesced into a cautionary tale of the dangers of religious fanaticism that evokes the disturbing history of witch hunting. ''In the 17th and 18th century in Europe, the witches who were persecuted were women who wanted to be free, who wanted to be considered as conscious entities,'' Gans details. ''Monotheistic religions constantly attack the idea of femininity and this is something that was clearly in my mind. But I am not moralizing. I try first to tell a story and if audiences dig into it, they might find what I like and what I don't like. If someone was to watch Brotherhood of the Wolf and then SILENT HILL, they'd have a pretty good idea of who I am.''

  • The Creatures of Silent Hill

Embodying the terror of SILENT HILL are a panoply of vividly creepy entities: the relentlessly destructive, sword-wielding Red Pyramid, the harrowing Grey Children, the Armless ones, the mysterious Janitor, the Cockroaches, and the Dark Nurses.

Do NOT forget! Some towns should never be entered.

Silent Hill Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Christophe Gans

Writing Credits

Roger Avary


Radha Mitchell

Sean Bean

Laurie Holden

Deborah Kara Unger

Kim Coates

Tanya Allen

Jodelle Ferland

Alice Krige

Maxine Dumont

Roberto Campanella

Music by

Akira Yamaoka

Jeff Danna

Cinematography by

Dan Laustsen

Genres: Fantasy, Horror

Countries: Canada, France, Japan, United States

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