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Neighbors 1981



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About the Neighbors 💬

  • A Comic-Nightmare

In a not-too-distant suburb, on a very quiet street...

Earl Keese (John Belushi), a man who leads a routine suburban life, sits calmly waiting for his dinner. Little does he know - This may be his last home-cooked meal...

For somewhere in time and space exists a world, a comic nightmare world, where anything can happen. A world that this reserved, hardworking homeowner is about to enter.

In the next 24 hours he will experience things that he has never experienced before and leave behind things he will never experience again and somehow his life will never be the same.

For Earl Keese is about to meet... The Neighbors.

Neighbors Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

John Guilbert Avildsen

Writing Credits

Larry Gelbart (Screenplay)

Thomas Berger (Novel)


John Belushi

Dan Aykroyd

Kathryn Walker

Lauren-Marie Taylor

Cathy Moriarty

Igors Gavon

Dru-Ann Chuckran

Tim Kazurinsky

Tino Insana

Music by

Bill Conti

Cinematography by

Gerald Hirschfeld

Genre: Comedy

Country: United States

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