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My Neighbor's Secret 2009

My Neighbor's Secret | My Neighbour's Secret | Mon voisin si secret

My Neighbor's Secret-My Neighbour's Secret-Mon voisin si secret

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About My Neighbor's Secret / My Neighbour's Secret 💬

  • Be careful who you let into your home...

Brent Cavanaugh (Nicholas Brendon) is a very disturbed man. After stalking his ex-wife, his architecture company transferred him to Japan where he fell in love with fellow American artist, Gretchen (Natalie Lisinska). After a whirlwind romance, the two married and later moved to Philadelphia where they bought a house next to the HESS family - Jason (Vincent Ventresca), Casey (Chandra West) and their 9-years-old adorable son Austin (Dakota Goyo).

But when Jason, a doctor with high profile clients, introduces Gretchen to a friend, Sean (Nick Baillie), whose advertising firm is looking for an artist, life in the Cavanaugh house goes south very quickly. Shane hires Gretchen and begins to give her career advice, helping her find a professional identity that Brent never allowed her to have. Fearing that Gretchen's become too independent and is planning to leave him for Shane, Brent hires thug Lonnie (Alex Ivanovici) to kill her and Shane, making it look like a robbery. But that's not the only score he has to settle. Brent blames Jason for introducing Gretchen to Shane and decides that if anyone deserves Jason's beautiful wife Casey, it isn't Jason. It's him.

My Neighbor's Secret / My Neighbour's Secret Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Leslie Hope

Writing Credits

Michael J. Murray


Nicholas Brendon

Chandra West

Vincent Ventresca

Natalie Lisinska

Dakota Goyo

Nick Baillie

Trie Donovan

Chandra West

Sandra Wilson

Mark Camacho

Catherine Mary Stewart

Alex Ivanovici

Music by

Zack Ryan

Cinematography by

Bert Tougas

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Country: Canada

My Neighbor's Secret / My Neighbour's Secret Official Trailer

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