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Funny Games 2007

Funny Games U.S.

Funny Games U.S.

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The rules of the game are simple. Pick a family and make them play. It's time to play... Shall we begin?

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About the Funny Games U.S. 💬

  • The rules of the game are simple. Pick a family, pick a victim. And let the games begin!

In this provocative and brutal thriller from director Michael Haneke, a vacationing family gets an unexpected visit from two deeply disturbed young men.

  • I bet they'll be dead by morning.

Their idyllic holiday turns nightmarish as they are subjected to unimaginable terrors and struggle to stay alive.

Daring, dangerous, wicked, wild, sensual, savage, extreme, evil, magnificent, monstrous, brutal, brilliant.

  • The Remake

Michael Haneke began to explore his favorite subject, violence and the media, with the original 1997 film, FUNNY GAMES, and revisits it here with the same eye.

Haneke's trilogy (''The Seventh Continent'' - 1989; ''Benny's Video' - 1992; ''71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance'' - 1994), particularly ''Benny's Video,'' exposes the consequences of the media's portrayal of violence. FUNNY GAMES subverts the genre to allow audiences to observe that violence and making them complicit by forcing them to see their own role through a series of emotional and analytical episodes.

In the belief that explanation would be reassuring, Haneke deliberately refuses to provide any.

''I'm trying to find ways to show violence as it really is: it is not something that you can swallow. I want to show the reality of violence, the pain, the wounding of another human being.''

Recently a friend and critic who recently watched FUNNY GAMES said to me ''now the film is where it belongs.'' He is right. When I first envisioned FUNNY GAMES in the middle of the 90s, it was my intention to have an American audience watch the movie. It is a reaction to a certain American Cinema, its violence, its naïveté, the way American cinema toys with human beings. In many American films, violence is made consumable.

However, because it was a foreign language film and because the actors were not familiar to an American audience, it did not reach its audience. In 2005, British producer Chris Coen approached me with the idea to do a remake in English. I agreed under the condition that Naomi Watts star in the movie.

Michael Haneke

Funny Games U.S. Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Michael Haneke

Writing Credits

Michael Haneke


Naomi Watts

Tim Roth

Michael Pitt

Brady Corbet

Devon Gearhart

Linda Moran

Boyd Gaines

Robert LuPone

Siobhan Fallon Hogan

Susi Haneke

Cinematography by

Darius Khondji

Genres: Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Countries: United States, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Italy

Funny Games U.S. Official Trailer

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