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The Student 2016

The Student | (M)uchenik | (М)ученик | Ученик

The Student-(M)uchenik

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The hypocrisy of religion and society that challenges all of us.

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About the Student 💬


Religion always comes with pain and trauma. Originally, religion was love, but it doesn't work in our life, in our world. Now, religion is a point of aggressive misunderstanding of different nations and countries. It's a point of terrorism, of separation. It's terrible. ''This new generation of Russian producers are very smart, well-educated, and don't feel fear.''

To be honest with everyone is of the highest importance. It's a value to die for, or to live for. I think the characters are fighting for their vision of life; it's a fight of different consciousnesses. For this teenage boy, it's, of course, a testosterone explosion, and the girls don't pay attention to him and he has a crisis in his family, no father, the mother is stupid. Nobody understands him and he has to do something with his ego, to show himself to the world, ''Here I am.'' It's a problem and it [evolves into] violence, into catastrophe.

We created this film [THE STUDENT] without any fear. It's probably because this new generation of Russian producers are very smart, well-educated, and don't feel fear. It's amazing.

Kirill Serebrennikov

The Student Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Kirill Serebrennikov

Writing Credits

Kirill Serebrennikov (Screenplay)

Marius von Mayenburg (Play)


Pyotr Skvortsov

Viktoriya Isakova

Yuliya Aug

Aleksandr Gorchilin

Aleksandra Revenko

Anton Vasilev

Svetlana Bragarnik

Irina Rudniktskaya

Nikolay Roshchin

Marina Kleshcheva

Music by

Ilya Demutskiy

Cinematography by

Vladislav Opelyants

Category: EFA, European Film Award Winner

Genre: Drama

Country: Russia

The Student Official Trailer

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