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Halloween-6: The Curse of Michael Myers 1995

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers | Michael's Back!

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

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One has tracked His murderous past. The other is a student of the Black Arts. The only thing more terrifying than how it began... is how it will END!

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About the Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers 💬

  • Six times the terror... Six times the fear... Six times the thrills...

It's been six years since the town of Haddonfield last heard from Michael Myers, Jamie Lloyd, and the Man in Black. Dr. Loomis has given up his practice and retired to the countryside. However, Jamie is alive and being held prisoner by the Man in Black who has plans for her and her newborn child. Before he can take the child, Jamie escapes and attempts to find Dr. Loomis. Unfortunately, Michael is close behind, and stops her from getting away but cannot find the child.

  • Terror Never Rests In Peace!

Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle has his eye on a family who's moved into the Myers house. Tommy has become obsessed with Michael Myers. After hearing Jamie screaming for help on a radio, Tommy finds her baby and hides him. The people living in the Myers' house are relatives of Laurie Strode... Michael returns home and stalks each of them trying to get to Jamie's baby.

  • Haddonfield is ready to celebrate HALLOWEEN.... so is Michael Myers!

Tommy reveals that Michael has been cursed with Thorn, and that is why he kills on HALLOWEEN.

  • Everyone knows his name. Now, everyone will know the truth.

The plot takes a turn when the Man in Black reveals himself to be Dr. Wynn, Loomis' longtime friend and boss from Smith's Grove. He has been experimenting with Michael all these years... and kept it all secret at the sanitarium. Tommy and Dr. Loomis follow him to the sanitarium, where an all-out battle occurs with Michael.

The only thing more terrifying than how it began, is how it will end.

Sources: HalloweenMovies & IMDb

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Joe Chappelle

Writing Credits

Daniel Farrands (Written by)

Debra Hill and John Carpenter (Characters)


Donald Pleasence

Marianne Hagan

Paul Rudd

Mitchell Ryan

Kim Darby

Bradford English

Keith Bogart

Mariah O'Brien

Devin Gardner

J.C. Brandy

Janice Knickrehm

Leo Geter

Susan Swift

George Peter Wilbur

Music by

Alan Howarth

Paul Rabjohns

Cinematography by

Billy Dickson

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Country: United States

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers Official Trailer

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