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Halloween 2007

Rob Zombie's Halloween | Retribution


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Evil Has A Destiny

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About the Halloween 💬

The face behind the mask.

In Haddonfield, nine-year-old Michael Myers is being raised by a dysfunctional family. His mother is a stripper, his foster father is an abusive alcoholic and his sister is promiscuous. He does, however, have a strong affinity toward his baby sibling Laurie.

Evil. Unmasked.

Sources: HalloweenMovies & IMDb

Halloween Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Rob Zombie

Writing Credits

Rob Zombie (Screenplay)

Debra Hill and John Carpenter (Based on a film ''Halloween (1978)'' screenplay)


Malcolm McDowell

Sheri Moon Zombie

Tyler Mane

Daeg Faerch

Scout Taylor-Compton

Dee Wallace

Pat Skipper

Brad Dourif

Danielle Harris

Hanna Hall

William Forsythe

Kristina Klebe

Danny Trejo

Richmond Arquette

Ken Foree

Richard Lynch

Udo Kier

Clint Howard

Leslie Easterbrook

Skyler Gisondo

Jenny Gregg Stewart

Adam Weisman

Sid Haig

Daryl Sabara

Daniel Roebuck

Max Van Ville

Nick Mennell

Music by

Tyler Bates

Cinematography by

Phil Parmet

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

Country: United States

Happy Halloween! 🎃

Halloween Official Trailer

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