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Good Luck Chuck 2007

Good Luck Chuck | Le porte-bonheur

Good Luck Chuck-Le porte bonheur-The Warm Up Guy

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About the Good Luck Chuck 💬

A ''good luck charm'' who miraculously helps women find true love with the next man they sleep with, Charlie can't get through the day without relationship-obsessed women throwing themselves at his feet. ''At first it seems fantastic,'' says comedian and film actor Dane Cook.

But things change when Charlie meets the girl of his dreams: Cam, a cute, hopelessly klutzy penguin specialist. All Charlie wants is to be with her; but he knows if he sleeps with her, he'll lose her.

''My favorite films of all time have the great heart,'' says Cook. ''You want to make movies that are going to be on people's DVD shelf in ten years, and that's what I hope this is. It's a hardcore comedy. People are going to get tons of funny. But they're not going to expect the amount of depth that some of these relationships and characters have. I think that's what makes this a cinematic adventure.''

Good Luck Chuck Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Mark Helfrich

Writing Credits

Josh Stolberg (Screenplay)

Steve Glenn (Short story)


Dane Cook

Jessica Alba

Dan Fogler

Ellia English

Sasha Pieterse

Lonny Ross

Chelan Simmons

Music by

Aaron Zigman

Cinematography by

Anthony B. Richmond

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Countries: United States, Canada

Original Script Title: The Warm-Up Guy

Good Luck Chuck Official Trailer

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