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Name Me 2014

Name Me | Kak menya zovut | Как меня зовут

Name Me-Kak menya zovut

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About Name Me 💬

Two 17-year-old Moscowite girls, Olya (Marina Vasileva) and Sasha (Aleksandra Bortich), are going to the Crimea to meet Olya's father Sergey (Konstantin Lavronenko). Sergey has lived in a small seaside village his whole life and he has never seen his only daughter. When Olya finds herself at the threshold of her father's house, she gets scared of meeting him. Olya asks Sasha "to trade places with her". So Sasha introduces herself as Olya and pretends to be Sergey's daughter while Olya claims to be her best friend. At first, girls have their fun. Little did they know that this innocent joke will turn into great drama and change their lives forever.


This film is a psychological drama about daughter-father relations. It is about a gaping void that Sasha feels - a void that should have been filled in by the father and that she tries to fill in by other empty relations with guys or just by dissipated life that does not bring anything but a strong sense of frustration. It is about this girl feeling herself abandoned and laying claims on a complete stranger. And he finally accepts these claims, despite having once had problems with another family and another daughter).

This story has a genre engine, almost a comical one: two girls visit the father of one of them and dupe him: the friend of his daughter pretended to be his daughter and vice versa. But this practical joke opened up painful psychological traumas that neither the girls nor the father could even imagine. And the context of 'substitution' flares up the psychological tension in the film; the practical joke goes too far. Olya, the real daughter of Sergey, cannot influence the situation anymore: she is constrained to watch the efforts of Sergey and Sasha to create father-daughter relations. Olya tries to start a kind of contact with Sergey but realizes that he is not at all interested in a girl he considers just a friend of his daughter.

To create the film, it was extremely important to achieve authenticity and maximum lifelikeness in shooting and in acting. We also wished to preserve the optimistic mood of the film and, instead of proving the hopelessness of such situations, find answers to the questions posed.

Name Me Movie Details 🎥

Directed by

Nigina Sayfullaeva

Writing Credits

Nigina Sayfullaeva

Lyubov Mulmenko


Konstantin Lavronenko

Alexandra Bortich

Marina Vasileva

Kirill Kaganovich

Anna Kotova

Cinematography by

Mark Ziselson

Genres: Adventure, Drama

Country: Russia

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